4 Tips to Losing those pounds Quicker!

Am sure you all are pretty excited about this post. Well, you should be! What I am about to tell you is pretty often heard off or read about in magazines, but not sure if you have given it a try strictly so far. I have recently, and have achieved fabulous results. Well to be exact -Dropped a jeans size. Although I know it works 100% , I was still surprised and extremely happy.

I have also tried and tested many diets of which starving was one them. While it does help to lose weight, starving is completely useless when you are trying to maintain the numbers on the scale or thinking cheat days are not going to initially affect you, so that was out of the question – and it wasn’t much fun anyway. So please don’t starve yourselves.

After being on the Weight Loss Guinea Pig Programme by (boffo bootcamp) for a month, when you go out into the world to maintain and apply the knowledge you have gained, its kind of scary! I have listed a few things which, if done properly, can help you shed those pounds very, very quickly.

1)Fortunately, for me, I got hooked on  working out(purely for the fabulous results). I highly recommend you to, somehow, manage a 15-30 minutes workout, if not 4 times a week at least 2 or 3 times. Include weights gradually.

2) Next, I would like to start by saying ” try to” but no, you “Have to” do it in order to see good results. No food consumption after 7:00pm, reason being that you have to give your body a chance to burn the food that it stores for energy. Eating late at night will just ruin your hard work and it will affect your digestive system. If you really must, then try having fish or grilled chicken with salad. Foods high in protein will help you burn while sleeping to. Also, if you have managed to have your dinner by 7:00pm and still feel the need to eat, then keep some mixed nuts handy, and have a only a handful. should do the trick!

The above two things that made the world of difference, for me at least!

Remember, just because you don’t eat after 7pm doesn’t give you the green signal to eat anything you want  before that time, especially in the early days when you are trying to loose and increase your metabolism. You have to be sensible about the foods you eat during the day. If let’s say you have a big English breakfast, then try to skip your lunch (which should be easily done) and have a lighter dinner, eg. chicken salad or lentil salad, or daals.

3) I also started to question whether I was really hungry or not, before excitingly running to the fridge looking for food, as if seeing it after a massive fast session.

4) Drink lots of water!

For every 50 pounds you weigh you need  1 Litre. As they say, it really helps to flush all the toxins out, and it helps your digestive system work well. Its not easy to drink I admit. I am like a camel, I could go for a week without a drop of water and hence have to keep an hourly alarm to drink my water. But you do feel good, you are less bloated, and the wonders it does to your Skin, AMAZING!

I am sure you all are thinking, Oh! my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to do even these 4 things. I am sorry but that is just not acceptable. You can do it and you can do it easily. Just PLAN for it.

When I started my diet within a few days later I had to take my son for a friends kids birthday party. Parties are hard to get through. I was offered a slice of cake and coffee and i simply said ‘No, Thank you ‘. Trust me, there will be many more in life where you can happily indulge. But while you on the path to shed, Stick to it.

a) Keep a bottle of water in front of your work computer and have a timer on.

b) If you can’t make a salad, buy ready made salad boxes for the week, so you can have in the evening. `after the first week or so, you will eventually start making on your own, guaranteed!

c) Keep a large calendar on your desktop or wall and start marking each day as you go along following your plan. You will feel great seeing your achievements.

d) If you can’t take all 4 tips into account try Any three, or even Two to start with. Exercise must be one of them – just squeeze in 15 minutes, its doable!

e) Plan, Plan, Plan and stay DETERMINED! A month is not such a long time, think of it this way – you only need 30 days out of 365 days to make a big difference. Once you build your metabolism there is nothing and no one to stop you from enjoying yummy foods with moderation!



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