The Royal 1st Birthday

The Royal 1st Birthday

Royally ONE!



Pink Pink Pink…..that’s all I could think of and that’s all we did (my sister and I). The day my daughter was born we decided on the theme and I ordered both our crowns. I got the white tulle table skirt made on my holiday in Dubai…….I cannot tell you how much fun it was preparing for this party, both creatively and financially, we sure came under budget. We would burst into laughter anytime we made mistakes and were trying to correct our art work. Below is her party invitation, her crown and cake. It took me half a day to make the cake, it was the first time I made a 2tier cake……. it tasted yummm!

The Majority of the pictures were taken by me, some were taken by family members and friends, and would like to thank them for doing so, as I sure didn’t have time to take pictures. Few of them were taken from phone cameras and were edited accordingly, and some were clicked from my nikon camera and you can tell which ones they are, am recently trying my hand at photography and would love to know your opinion, although still trying to get the hang of Aperture and shutter speed 🙂

2016-04-15 10.51.29




IMG_20160416_184037I think what really worked for me was planning. I knew what I wanted, So made a list of how we wanted it to look and took it from there, really. I started to order the items you don’t get from stores, and for the rest I just waited until sale, lurking around eagerly and then pouncing the stores. Things like Ribbons, Crepe paper, table cloth, even down to sweets and popcorns everything was at minimum cost possible but good brands. The only expensive thing I bought out of all the items on the table was the beautiful White tree which was £30, but things like this are key buys that will be useful for years, for all future parties, for both kids and adults.

I have shown the items individually to give you an idea of what I put together to make a fairy/Royal Birthday. Below is the picture of the background, I used 2 packets of pastel colours crepe paper,  a separate gold crepe paper and the Twinkle Twinkle banner was homemade by my sister and I, she printed the fonts and I cut most of them from the A 4 Glitter paper  I ordered from Amazon.




For a party to look beautiful, it can easily be done under a budget of £100/- Mine was way less than that. I bought 2 bottles of glitter from the pound store (which was more than enough). One of which I used on the cake candle which I had from my sons first birthday – just revamped it and it looked beautiful.




The second one,I used it for decorating the bottom of Kilner Jar to store party cutleries in. I also ordered a Textured Hessian Jute twine string and just tied it at the top of the jar, it looked so pretty.


To decorate the table, I bought these beautiful candles from Primark, they were just staring at me and saying “Pick me up” at the check out counter and since the colour was a perfect match I just did exactly that



The little treat cups …… don’t they look cute? The reason to buy them is that they are great for storage of popcorns or sweets. The No. 1 stickers that you see on the treat cups were cut at home, by hand. The roses that you see, I got them online, they pictures don’t do them justice, absolutely pretty. They can be used a number of times,on any occasions. There were 25 pcs of rose buds in a packet.


Plastic jars are a good investment again as well, and I, could only find them online, am glad I bought these, they just changed the look of the table and made it so interesting with all the home made goodies and sweets in them. When you buy them you get 10 jars for £12.95/- not bad huh? The black chalkboard sticker labels on the jars gave me the option to write anything I wanted to and made it look super cool and informative.




The ribbons that you see on these jars just add a girlie touch and uplift the jars completely. I got them from hobby craft 50p each roll and I picked up 5 ie £2.50/- During easter break there are such good offers in hobby craft, its best to look out for them, buy and then store them. Another thing I picked up from HOBBY CRAFT is the gold ribbon tape. One roll is enough to make 20 flags and trust me is a 30 minute job and its super fun!

I also made these pink buttercream cupcakes, made them at 2:00am after finishing the decorations. The flag, just look too cute on them, it’s all homemade!!







All the cutlery and tableware in the below picture are from pound store. I think the Pound store knew my daughter’s birthday was coming up so it had a stock of pink tableware and gosh I wasn’t complaining. I was as happy as  could be.  The flower decoration, the girl on the bicycle, I just happened to find it in a store that opened up next to our home. It was meant to be for the garden, but since that was not to happen due to bad weather as usual, I put the forks and spoons in it, still got used  to a great purpose too – Serena’s party! 🙂


The other bits like the cupcake stand, the warm lights and the serving trays for the sandwiches and crisps have been there for ages, so they came in handy, I always use the same ones for all occasions be it Diwali, Xmas or Birthday parties. It always help to have cream or white serving bowls, trays or stands that go with any event.

My absolute favourites are the Mini glass milk bottles, I bought those and stuck ribbons around them and again stuck No. 1 which I cut out of the Gold glitter paper.


IMG_20160425_145315 IMG_20160425_140542




These butterflies were so beautiful, I just hung them just near the table, a little fairy addition to the theme. There is another version with lighter pink colour and glitters on them, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a picture of those, its all packed now and I am not unpacking it, but you get the idea don’t you?. May be I’ll add them later on though.



Lastly we ordered a pink tulle and just cut itaccording to size and wrapped the strips around the chairs and made a Cute Bow which I just loved. I tied them on all 8 chairs. We had cut them in advance and stored them in a zip lock bag a few months before. Then on the day before the party I had just got them out and tied them…Easy!!




So there it is, the bits that make it beautiful. I honestly don’t think I would have done it without my sister nagging me and her unconditional love for her niece. Actually if it would have been her way, she would have made me set up a lot of other things. I hope when Serena grows up, it will bring a smile to her beautiful face, to think that her mommy and Masi (Aunt) made that extra little effort to make it special….Happy Birthday my darling DAUGHTER!

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  1. Kams, each item is expressed with so much love. I can imagine the amount of love showered on her special day..things for her to cherish when she grows up. God bless you and your lovely family. Loads of hugs from this side of the world!! ❤️

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