How I treated my Vitiligo in 3 Months

Hello everyone!!

I am sure you are all here because you have been told Vitiligo is untreatable or that it takes many years to treat it. Well I can tell you one thing: it’s treatable and quickly too, without ridiculous expenses. I have come across people who have it and I never thought that it would happen to me. Well none of us think that, do we? I clearly remember when I got it; it was after I came back from my holiday in Cancun, Mexicoin 2013. Below is the picture when it first appeared.


So I coped with the itching and I let it die down naturally within a few days. Little did I know that I would end up with patches in a few places. Even then I didn’t bother much with it as they were quite decent size and they were in some hidden places. Having it for a year, I started to worry just a tiny bit and consulted a dermatologist during my trip to India. The dermatologist was a lovely lady and was very informative. She gave me a bag full of medicines and asked me to contact her after 3 months so she can check on the progress. She also asked me to stop the medicines in case I fell pregnant and voila that’s exactly what happened: I fell pregnant and all those pills were useless as I wouldn’t be able to have them for 2 years. She also mentioned that if I did get pregnant the Vitiligo patches could either go away or escalade depending on my luck. Any guesses as to what happened? Yup, I got a huge patch on my left foot, at the end of my pregnancy.

Surprisingly, I didn’t do much even after that. I guess between a newborn and sleepless nights, breast feeding and school runs, I couldn’t be bothered. Just a month before my daughter turned one year old, I noticed that the patches were getting bigger and that’s when I freaked out. I went to my GP and you won’t believe what happened! He printed out a page from the internet which explained what Vitiligo is. I was shocked!!! I mean I had read it already and could have printed it too. So that was it! With no help from the GP  I decided to go private and paid £150/- for consultation to someone in Harley Street. The consultant there was a great guy, knew what he was talking about, and came up with a treatment plan basically saying it could all go away, but I still had this one thing nagging me – the price. A treatment from a doctor with a clinic in Harley Street wasn’t going to be cheap and to be honest I was mentally prepared to pay the hefty price up to a limit only as I couldn’t afford for the patch to spread further. I asked the consultant and he said the details will come via email.

Waiting for the email impatiently and with high hopes, I was again disappointed and shocked to find out that the treatment would cost me £18,000/-. That’s nearly a stamp duty price on a property. I was so furious that I simply deleted the email, and did not bother to reply.  I have to add that the price also included treatment for hyper-pigmentation which was due to pregnancy, but still £18,000? It’s a JOKE!

After that, I nearly gave up hope but still kept looking for cure on the internet, and I came across a website named . I sent them an email with a few question and off I went for a short break to Dubai. While there, I tried my luck with a dermatologist who was highly recommended. After consulting with her, she gave me a cream called Vitiskin and asked me to use it twice a day, to avoid sun exposure and to give up foods such as yogurt, tomatoes, lemon – basically foods that have a bleaching element and are acidic as they can stop the melanin from reproducing. Happy with minimal things to do I returned home and started treatment at once. I didn’t notice much difference 3 months down the line; in fact I felt it was slightly expanding in size. Panic, panic and panic again and  I went back to something I remembered: an email from Vitiligo Green. I read their email and they said that while treating Vitiligo a slight spreading or expansion in size is normal and that I should not worry.  Furthermore, if you check out their website they recommend having sun exposure for a minimum of 20 minutes every day after the Vitiligo Green application.

Finding not much progress while on the Vitiskin, I quickly ordered Vitiligo Green and started using it on 1st August 2016. The below picture was taken at the beginning of December. You can see the improvements over a period of just under 3 months. I really can’t say if Vitiskin didn’t help, I think it might have and also may have just been on the verge of showing a difference when I switched to Vitiligo Green and I certainly wouldn’t rule out Vitiskin for those who are using it. But I am so glad I took the jump.


IMG_3036The pach on my arm is nearly gone…Yaaaay! You can see how it starts to work, it appears as a tiny brown dot and then gets bigger. So look out for them. Also, another thing I would like to add is that in September just after a month of using it I made a trip to NY and forgot my VG bottle at home.  I felt the brown spots had increased in size after I returned from my trip, so it kept getting better while Iwas on holiday too without any application :). I guess what really helped was being stress free and having some ‘me’ time. Being away from kids’, routines and constant thinking helped immensely. I now truly understand why doctors recommend avoiding stress. I never used to truly appreciate that before.

Please please do not give up, just because one medicine doesn’t work doesn’t mean the other won’t. I always believe there is a cure for everything , we just haven’t found the right one for ourselves. I really think vitiligo will help anyone those who has had it for only a year or 10-20 years. I am currently seeing a difference on my foot, will soon put up pictures to show you the difference.

Hope this helps you and saves you time and money especially, please do not buy the UV light box and all that crap. All you need to do is to love yourself, believe and look after yourself. Eat right and workout, that is the key and will always be!

Good Luck!!


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